ResidentialDealer-HandshakeWithMan-2MHI-Service located in St. George, provides residential HVAC services through all of Southern Utah. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service, keeping them and their families comfortable in their homes.

Nobody wants to sweat or shiver in their own home, and unless you live somewhere with a perfect climate, you will without a properly working HVAC system. HVAC or “heating, ventilation and air condition” are often combined into one main unit in today’s modern homes. These residential HVAC systems send warmed, cooled or dehumidified air through a series of ducts to be distributed throughout your home.

Today’s HVAC systems typically account for 44 percent of your homes utility bills. In the winter you are heating your home, in the summer you are cooling your home and your system only gets a few weeks, maybe a little more without use. However, improvements have been made and more energy efficient products have been produced; combine that with proper residential HVAC repair and you will begin to see money staying in your pocket, instead of in the air.

What can MHI Service do for you?

We can take care of your regular HVAC maintenance:
Regardless of if you have one system to handle all of your heating, ventilation and cooling needs, or if you have multiple pieces of equipment, it must be maintained. Just like you would change the oil, filters, and plugs in your vehicles, you must do the same for HVAC system. Although, there are people who like to tackle these tasks themselves, it is a job that should be done right and our teams of professionals received training from many manufactures and are required to complete numerous classes. Proper maintenance will leave your system cleaner, and a clean system is one that is going to run more efficiently.

We can recommend, provide and install new equipment:
Nothing lasts forever, and that holds true for your air-conditioner, furnace and HVAC system. When the time comes to replace, there is a lot to think about. Is this machine going to be too loud, maybe too powerful, not enough power? Maybe you have severe allergies and need a machine that will clean your air. It is important to know what you are looking for, and with the help of our professionals, we can find the machine that is not only high-quality, but perfect for you. Once you have decided what works best for you, our team can be trusted to properly install your new HVAC system, and when the time comes for maintenance they will be there to keep your system running for years.



We are proud to be partnered with and service equipment from Carrier, LG Electronics, York and many other manufacturers. Don’t wait until your system freezes-up before having someone out. In most cases we are able to have your system back up and running in the same day, our team aims to keep you comfortable and we will do what it takes to achieve that, so contact us today and see how we can help you!