Our Team

Salt Lake City, Utah Office:
Randy Hoover
51 W. Gregson Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84115

TechnicianYears of ExperienceYears with MHI Service
Randy Hoover
38 Years15 Years
Allen Morton31 Years2 Years
Louis Bott “Controls Division Administrator”22 Years9 Years
Brian Delaney20 Years15 Years
Harold Miller20 Years1 Year
Lee Mckee18 Years13 Years
Bridger Inman18 Years11 Years
Cirilo Lopez18 Years9 Years
Harlan Bunker15 Years1 Year
Blake Jones11 Years11 Years
Justin Fairbanks
“Controls Division”
11 Years1 Year
Zach Wilson9 Years5 Years
Nathan Luna9 Years2 Years
Brian Hudson9 Years2 Years
Dennis Leonardi5 Years5 Years
Jason Hill4 Years3 Years
Wesley Wight4 Years2 Years
Anthony Saenz1 Year1 Year

Boise, Idaho Office:
Steve Hill
5766 Albatros St., Boise, ID 83705

TechnicianYears of ExperienceYears with MHI Service
Steve Hill28 Years5 Years
Adam Smith16 Years3 Years
Sean Campbell4 Years4 Years

St. George, Utah Office:
Bryan Wilson
784 S River Rd., St. George, UT 84790

TechnicianYears of ExperienceYears with MHI Service
Bryan Wilson11 Years6 Years